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First name Surname Institutions & Position Research interests & Geographic focus Link to profiles & Email
Shovita Adhikari (Ms.) University of Essex - PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant Child trafficking, Child protection, Children's Rights, Sociology of Childhood. - South Asia particularly Nepal
Jiniya Afroze (Ms.) Open University - PhD candidate Rirsks and resilience of children, Ethnograpy- South Asia, Bangladesh in particular
Bree Akesson (Dr.) Wilfrid Laurier University - Assistant Professor Africa, Southeast Europe, Middle East
Patricia Ames (Ms.) Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru - Researcher Childhood in the Andes and the Amazon Rural Education Youth and Gender - Latin America, Peru
Nicola Ansell (Dr.) Reader in Human Geography - Brunel University Young people and social and cultural change; impacts of education, social policy; 'development'; AIDS - Southern Africa (Lesotho, Malawi in particular) rural areas
Merle Baker (Dr.) Consultancy Management & Business Services - Director Factors affecting childhood excellence in Performance academic and non-academic - South America, Caribbean
Sarada Balagopalan (Dr.) Rutgers University - Associate Professor Colonial and postcolonial childhoods; history of compulsory education; children's rights and the politics of translation; school experiences of first-generation learners; cultural politics of school curriculum; critical pedagogy; gendered childhoods; working children; street children; ethnography; interdisciplinarity; multiple childhoods. - India
Veronica Barnsley (Dr.) University of Sheffield - Lecturer Representation of children and childhoods in postcolonial literatures and cultures, particularly South Asia and West Africa. Children and environmental disaster. Refugee and asylum seeker children. Youth, health and well-being in 'rapidly developing economies'. - South Asia, West Africa, South Africa
Marlene Barra (Miss) Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC) - University of Minho - Research Collaborator Childhood studies and postcolonial studies Children's cultures
Chandni Basu (Ms.) Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg - Doctoral Candidate Sociology of Childhood, Law and deviance, Gender and sexuality - India, SouthAsia
Elise Berman (Dr.) University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Assistant Professor Sociolinguistic construction of age and childhood Language socialization Child agency Economics Gift giving and avoiding giving Deception- Marshall Islands, Oceania
Michael Bourdillon (Professor) University of Zimbabwe - Professor emeritus Children's work Childhood poverty Child protection - Southern Africa
Fina Carpena-Mendez (Dr.) Oregon State University - Assistant Professor Childhoods and youths in late capitalism; neoliberalism, post-development, and migration; transnational families and emergent forms of life; learning, experience, and embodiment in a globalized world - Latin America (particularly Mexico), Europe (particularly Spain and Ireland), the US. Latin American diaspora in the US and Europe.
Kristen Cheney (Dr.) International Institute of Social Studies - Senior Lecturer Sub-Saharan Africa, orphanhood/adoption, alternative care, child protection, sexual and reproductive health, rights
Maria Raquel da Costa (Dr.) Liverpool Hope University - Senior Lecturer Constructions & visual representations of childhood in the South Auto-ethnography of childhoods in the South Childhoods and mobility in Southern context - South America: Chile Sub-Saharan Africa: Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique
Anandini Dar (Dr.) Ambedkar University Delhi - Adjunct Faculty Childhood; youth cultures; migration; rights; education; qualitative methods - India; South Asia; South Asian Diaspora; USA.
Chiara Diana (Dr.) IREMAM - Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman Early Childhood Education, Primary Political Socialization, Childhood in War and Revolution contexts, Childhood in Arab and Muslim contexts - Middle East & North Africa
Karl Dorning (Dr.) Monastic Education Development Group - Strategic Director Burmese childhood, buddhism and conceptualisations of childhood, quality of life - functioning and capabilities - Burma, Southeast Asia
Audra Diptee (Dr.) Carleton University - Associate Professor Child Slavery; Children & Childhood in Humanitarian Discourses. - Caribbean & Africa
Ruth Evans (Dr.) University of Reading- Associate Professor in Human Geography Young caregiving, orphans and vulnerable children, gender and intergenerational relations, youth transitions, HIV, responses to death, land access and inheritance, child- and youth-headed households, street children and youth - Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia.
Franziska Fay (Miss) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology Child Protection, Child Rights, Corporal Punishment, Education and Conflict, Education Innovations, Child-led/-focused Research Methods East Africa (Zanzibar,Tanzania), Swahili speaking communities
Neeta Goel Department of Childhood Studies, Rutgers University-Camden - PhD Candidate Childhood Poverty Program evaluation- India
Jason Hart (Dr.) University of Bath - Senior Lecturer Rights, refugees, armed conflict, child protection, international development, private sector, north-south partnerships - Middle East, Palestine, Jordan, Israel
Vicky Johnson (Dr.) University of Brighton - Principal Research Fellow Children and young people's participation, Youth and uncertainty International, education Place, space and power - Research across Africa, Asia, Latin America and in the UK, main focus at present in Kenya, Ethiopia and Nepal
Victoria Jupp Kina (Dr.) University of Dundee - Lecturer Children and young people's participation, participatory practices, action research, dialogical education, emotions, post-colonial practice, art activism - Brazil
Mayeso Lazaro (Mr.) University of Hull/ University of Malawi - PhD student/ Lecturer Families, children and young people, older people
Suzana Libardi (Ms.) Post Graduate Program in Psychology - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - PhD candidate Childhood protection; intergenerational relations; generation. - Brazil
Valeria Llobet (Dr.) Universidad de San Martin - Professor Children's rights Dictatorship and childhood - Argentina LA Southern-cone
Lydia Marshall (Dr.) University of Warwick - Doctoral Researcher Education, Childhood, Youth, Critical Realism, Understandings of Poverty and Well-being - Ethiopia, sub-Saharan Africa
Jane McCarthy (Dr.) Open University - Visiting Fellow Children's family lives. Troubles in children's lives. Children's experiences of death Diversity in understandings of childhood- UK, Senegal, China /socialsciences/main/staff/ people-profile.php?name=Jane_McCarthy
Kate McAlpine (Dr.) Doing the Right Thing- Director Integral Theory, child protection, resolving ethical dilemmas, experience of childhood, political economy analyses - East Africa
Carly McLaughlin (Dr.) University of Potsdam - Lecturer Childhood and migration, 'deviant' childhoods. discourses of asylum and childhood
Ivo Mhike (Mr.) Centre for Africa Studies, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein South Africa- Doctoral Fellow Childhood and Youth (Colonial and Post-Colonial Southern Africa) - Southern Africa
Samia Michail (Ms.) UnitingCare - Principal Researcher Education, children's services, early childhood, the middle years, children's participation and the child-led research project.
Abdul-Rahim Mohammed (Mr.) The University of Sheffield - PhD Student Child Rights, Social Protection, Child Labour - Global South
Heidi Morrison ( Ms.) University of Wisconsin La Crosse - Assistant Professor Global Childhoods, Modern History of Childhood in Egypt, History of War and Children in the Middle East - Middle East
Maria Leticia Nascimento (Prof.Dr.) Universidade de São Paulo - Professor Sociology of Childhood; Early Childhood Education; Children's Rights; Generational Relations; Public policies; Interdisciplinar Childhood Studies - Brazil