Workshop 6 – Exploring the Limitations and Opportunities of Cross-disciplinary and Cross-world Dialogue in Childhood Studies.

Professor Samantha Punch - University of Stirling, UK - This workshop begins from a starting point that childhood studies is generally a multi-disciplinary field rather than inter-disciplinary, and that it could benefit from greater dialogue between its sub-disciplines as well as with those outside academia. The session considers the current nature and future direction of childhood studies by focusing on three key areas which lack dialogue: the limited inter-disciplinary communication between the sub-fields of childhood studies (such as between the sociologists of childhood and children’s geographers); the continued gap between the academic discourse of childhood studies and arenas of policy and practice; and the lack of dialogue and cross-cultural learning between childhoods in the Majority World and those in the Minority World. It uses the concepts of children’s agency and the generational order in order to illustrate limited cross-world dialogue in childhood studies. The workshop then considers the opportunities and constraints of working towards a more integrated, global approach to childhood studies.

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