Workshop 5 – Theoretical Priorities for Child- Focused Research in the Global South: Bridging Academic and Policy Priorities in Latin America

This workshop will focus on the question:   What are the key theoretical priorities for child-focused researcher working in diverse contexts in the Global South and why? / What theoretical concepts do childhood researchers focusing on Southern childhoods find most useful and why?   The significant political, cultural and social diversity in the Global South implies an important challenge to approach this question. When we talk about the Global South we have in mind common characteristics such as high levels of poverty an inequality, deep social insecurities, instable and fragile political institutions, among others. However the distinctions among countries and regions are significant. We can start the discussion through the identification of structural communalities in relation to childhoods among countries and regions and then analyse the usefulness of the theoretical concepts in the literature. I would like to propose some ideas that emerge in Latin America and especially in my group study in CIDES-UMSA. The first one is the strong relationship between academic research on one hand, and public discussion and policy making on the other. The boundary between University, ground root social organizations and policy makers is less clear than I found in the North. This poses many theoretical and methodological challenges. A second idea is related to the intersection between gender and children rights. We find that this is a major issue to be developed. In this direction, we have been working on the concept of care in its multiple dimensions: as a right, as work and part of the economy and as a new orientation to social policies.

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