Workshop 2: The Experience of Growing Up

Dr. Hind Khalifa - King Saud University, Saudi-Arabia - This session will focus on the experience of growing up in a different context. The discussion will address the following questions:
  1. How, if at all, do theoretical concepts relating to childhood research in the North transfer to various social, cultural and political contexts in the Global South?
  2. What challenges exist which may prevent the incorporation of theories developed by academics focusing on Southern childhoods into more dominant discourses surrounding childhood studies?
Some of the area that will be looking at:  
  • Similarities and differences in “childhoods”: The meaning of childhood, and how it is experienced and changed over space and time.
  • Changing childhood changing families: parent-child relationship-cultural values- religion.
  • Policies in different contexts: child protection between global laws and national understanding.
  Participants will be the center of activities and will be provided with the opportunities to share their own experiences through case studies and small group activities that will allow them to reflect on some of the issues and the main questions raised in this session in more in-depth. Outline:
  1. Welcoming and introduction (5 minutes)
  2. Presentation by the facilitator: childhood in Saudi Arabia; similarities and diversities in global childhoods (10 minutes)
  3. Group activity on case studies of children at global south which the participants will present (20 minutes)
  4. Group discussion around these case studies, bearing in mind the main topics the session is concerned with (25 minutes)
  5. Group discussion on issues relating to 2 questions the session is concerned with (25 minutes)
  6. Closing (5 minutes).

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