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1. How do I contact the administrator of this website?

Please use the contact form by clicking on the Contact us tab at the top of homepage or send an email to southernchildhoods@gmail.com.

2. How can I register to attend the events of Southern Childhoods?

Each event will have a post in the Updates page and you can find the registration form in the specific post of the event you wish to attend.

Membership & networking

3. Which information is available to members only?

Only members can contact other members in the network and participate in the discussions hosted on this website.

4. How do I register to join the Southern Childhoods Network?

Scroll down on the homepage, the log-in and register functions are available below the summary of the project on the left.

5. I have forgotten my password, how can I reset?

Click login, it will lead you to another log-in page and at the bottom of the text boxes you will be able to find ‘Lost your password?’ Click on it and follow the instructions to reset your password.

6. How do I contribute to a discussion? How do I start a discussion?

After registration you can join the Southern Childhoods Group and join the discussions in the forum or create new topics for discussion. Please contact the administrator of the site for further instructions.

7. How do I upload my details to the Scholars List?

On the top of the Scholars list page there is a link to a form for you to submit your details. The administrator will review your submission and add your name on the list. The administrator will inform you via email once it is done.

8. How can I contact another member of the Southern Childhoods Network?

Only members can contact each other so you need to register to become a member. If you do not want to register, you can contact the admin using the Contact us form on the homepage. Once you're already a member, you can find the guide in your dashboard on how to navigate around the website and use the messaging tool.

9. How do I access old posts/discussion?

Click on the magnifying glass symbol on the top right corner of the page and search for the specific topics you are looking for.

10. Who will see any conversation I post on the Southern Childhoods Network?

If you comment below the posts in the Updates page, it will be seen by anyone visiting the page. If you post comments or create new topics in the forum, only registered members can see what you have posted.


11. What does Open Access mean?

'Open Access (OA) is free, online access to peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and research reports. OA material should also be freely available for any users to download, copy, print or link to the full text without restriction, as long as the authors are properly acknowledged and cited.' (The University Sheffield Library)

12. How can I search, view and download open access articles that have been uploaded on the website?

Click on ‘Resources’ tab on the top of homepage and it will lead you to the folders containing the articles. There are three folders: English, French and Spanish with articles in these languages. You can search for the files by inputting the search terms in the search box in this page. Or click on the magnifying glass symbol next to the folders and you can see the list of files, click on details for more information or click download.

If your question is not included in this list, contact us here or send an email to southernchildhoods@gmail.com.